Milan Parivodić

Parivodic Lawyers, Serbia

Dr. Milan Parivodić

Present work

 As stratetgic counsel and attorney at law advises major foreign investors in their complicated investment projects from various industries and solves their problems efficiently. By devising innovative legal solutions he marries the

legitimate needs of major international companies with traditional practices of the Serbian state. Dr Parivodić and his team of lawyers take good care that the investment moves forward as planned, efficiently and lawfully and that all permits and other state services are delivered timely.

 General Counsel of the Geological and Mining Assocation of Serbia (GRAS)

 Professor of international business and contract law at the European Center for Peace and Development of University for Peace established by the United Nations

 Member of the Atlantic Council of the United States

Professional Experience

2007-2009 Partner at largest Austrian law firm Wolf Theiss, managing their Belgrade office of some 30 lawyers. In this period also worked on some of the largest transactions as lead legal and business advisor, usually on the side of foreign investors

2007-2008 Advisor to the Prime Minister of Serbia for economy and law

2006-2007 Minister coordinator of the Ministry of Finance

2004-2007 Minister of International Economic Relations

While serving as minister FDI into Serbia has risen from US$ 960 million (2004) to US$ 5.5 billion (2006). For comparison, in 2010 Serbia’s FDI totalled US $1.2 billion. In that period Milan met heads of government (Germany, Italy, Austria, etc.) and ministers from many countries and led several Serbian delegations at prime ministerial level conferences. He presided over Serbian bilateral councils with China, India, Bavaria and talked on tens of international conferences to businessmen from many countries. He regularly led Serbian investment and trade delegations to foreign countries and still maintains excellent contacts in those countries.

2005-2007 Headed the Serbian WTO accession. He negotiated and signed the EU – Serbia Textile agreement, the first agreement between Serbia and EU. Also, he led and signed the Serbian accession into CEFTA - Central European Free Trade Agreement.

2005-2006 Presided the Government’s inter-ministerial Committee for improving business climate in Serbia. Serbia was then ranked no.1 in the speed of reforms by the World Bank’s Doing Business Report covering 158 countries and in the EBRD Annual Report covering 27 countries. Member of the Board of Governors of EBRD.

Drafted and/or defended in Parliament major pieces of commercial and civil legislation: Foreign Trade Law, Mortgage Law, Arbitration Law, IP Enforcement Law, Concessions Law, Church Property Restitution Law, draft Property Law, draft Law on General Restitution.

1991-2004 Lecturer in civil law and property law at the University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Laws.

2001-2004 Business lawyer who set up his law firm in 2001 Parivodić Milojković & Trgovčević and acted for major foreign and domestic companies and banks. Also in this period he served as member of several law reform commissions and drafted new laws: Foreign investment law, Law on concessions, Draft law on trade, Law on registered pledge, Law on religious freeedom, Law on music and scenic activities. Parivodić Advokati was included in the »list of 10 highly experienced law offices« by the Serbian investment and export promotion agency (SIEPA) and the Serbian ministry of foreign economic relations. He was on recommended lawyers list of the US, UK and German embassies in Belgrade. Also he was registered as patent & trade mark attorney with the Yugoslav federal intellectual property.

Education / Qualifications

2002 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law (Dr. with honours)

1997 University College London, International Business Law, (LL.M.)

1995 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Laws (LL.M. with honours)

1991 University of Belgrade, Faculty of Laws (LL.B., with honours)

1998 Serbian Bar Examination

2000 Serbian intellectual property registered agent examination


"Exclusive Distribution in the Laws of Yugoslavia and the European Community" (Official Gazette of Yugoslavia, pp.176, 1996) "Law of International Franchising" (Official Gazette of Serbia, 380pp, 2003)

Numerous Publications in International and Serbian Law Journals in the fields of International Trade Law, Contract Law, Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Distribution Law.

Memberships / pro bono

 Dr Parivodić is decorated with the Grand Cross of the Serbian Royal Order of the White Eagle

 Member of the Crown Council of HRH Prince Alexander of Serbia

 Member of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch’s Economic Advisory Council