Rebecca Batmanoglou

Director of Climate Change and Air Quality
Ministry of Environment

Mrs. Rebecca Batmanoglou was born in 1960 and holds a degree in Chemistry from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Mrs. Batmanoglou is employed by the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change since 1982 and has worked in different sectors and positions at the Ministry.

In 2005, she became Head of the Department for General Environmental Issues of the Environmental Planning Directorate and was working till 2014 on environmental licensing of various projects and activities. She is greatly experienced on the subject of issuing licenses for investment projects, such as projects of tourist investments, mining investments, aquaculture, etc.

She is, therefore, highly knowledgeable in the issues of Greek Environmental Legislation. She participated in the team which issued Law 4014/2011 for environmental licensing and has worked on all Ministerial or Joint Ministerial Decisions that have been issued by authorization of the Law.

She also participated in the team which issued the “National Policy for the exploitation of Mineral Resources” (2012) 

From 2014 till August 2015 she was Director of the Directorate of Biodiversity Protection, Soil and Waste Management of the Ministry and from September 2015 till now she is Director of the Directorate of Climate Change and Air Quality of the Ministry.

Mrs. Batmanoglou has also written and presented many studies for conferences, educational programs and seminars.

She speaks English fluently and basic Knowledge of Spanish.